Transport in the City

Mishima is a compact city with many hot spots to see that are in easy walking distance. But the following are convenient forms of transport when you are going slightly further afield.


There are three types of buses running from Mishima Station, the Izuhakone Bus, the Fujikyu City Bus and the Tokai Bus Orange Shuttle, which will take you around the city and out to nearby tourist spots and other places. Buying a one-day bus pass “Mishimaru-Kippu” (unlimited ride in city limits) is good value.


Use the Izuhakone Railway to go out toward Izu, including Nirayama and Shuzenji. At the JR Mishima Station, not only JR trains but also Tokaido Line and Shinkansen Line trains stop too. And, tickets can be easily purchased from the ticket vending machines in the station.


Take a taxi when you want to get somewhere at your pace. There are taxi ranks outside of Mishima Station and Mishima-Hirokoji Station, etc.
The first 1.5 kilometers (roughly a mile) costs \690, with the fare increasing as the distance increases after that. Late-night taxi fares increase by 20 percent.