Event Schedule

This is the annual event schedule for Mishima.

Hatsumode (first visit of the year to a shrine)

On average, some 600,000 people make shrine prayer visits over New Year, with lively crowds enjoying this celebration period.
Period: 1st of January onward
Location: Mishima Taisha Shrine

National Institute of Genetics opened to the public (for cherry blossom viewing)

The institute is open for just one day to the public to view the cherry blossoms of more than 300 trees (some 200 varieties).
Period: Early April
Location: National Institute of Genetics

Mishima Firefly Festival

Just a 10-minute walk from the station will bring you to a firefly hot spot, so have fun.
Period: Early June
Location: Rakujuen Park and other locales

Mishima Summer Festival

This festival is Mishima’s biggest annual event. Held over three days, the festival is centered around the floats and percussion music that accompanies them.
Period: 15th to 17th of August
Location: Mishima Taisha Shrine and other locales

Mishima Bar

Some 100 bars/eateries participate in bringing the easy-going feel of Spanish bars to the streets of Mishima for a couple of weeks – so, please enjoy the culinary delights of Mishima.
Period: Early-to-mid October
Location: Bars and eateries in the city

Chrysanthemum Festival

Over about a month, more than 6,000 chrysanthemums will be used to build flower structures that follow an annually decided theme.
Period: Late October to late November
Location: Rakujuen Park

Mishima Food Festival

All of Mishima’s natural harvests and foods are woven into a culinary city event to be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.
Period: Late November
Location: Rakujuen Park and other locales