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Mishima City Public Transportation Map(English ver.) is available on this site.


You can download a transportation map to access from Mishima Station South Exit to popular sightseeing spots.


♦ Download the map from here.

Mishima City official website “Mishima Public Transportation Map”

The maps show tourist attractions with the pictures, and time and fares to each destination. They are available at Mishima Sightseeing Center and other places.


♦ Means of transportation listed

Buses, taxies, and trains


♦ Provided information

Duration, fares, bus stops, etc.


♦ Examples of travel attractions listed

(In the city)

Mishima Skywalk ・Izu Fruit Park   ・Yamanaka Fort RuinsMishima Taisha Shrine


(The suburbs)

Numazu Port, Lake Ashinoko, Hakone Sekisho (checkpoint), etc.