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The footprints of travelers on the eternal cobblestone road ― Harukana’s Journey to Edo at Hakone Hachiri


The road that crosses from east to west over Mt. Hakone, and sung about in “Tenka-no-Ken”, Tokaido Hakone Hachiri.

Hakone Hachiri was a major artery during the Edo period. The magnificent cobblestone road was laid in Japan to support the bustling traffic at that time.

If you trace for a moment the streets where the footsteps of travelers who have left their names in history remain, such as the Saigoku Daimyo (the Daimyo of the western part of Japan), the representative of the Dutch commercial trade office, the Korean messenger, and the Nagasaki magistrate, the scenes along the roads continue to appear one after another, over the ages, inviting visitors to travel to Edo.

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