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Recommended places for breakfast in Mishima


If you stay overnight in Mishima, we suggest that you go out for breakfast while taking a nice stroll along the river.

Japanese-style café: Togetsuen
A long-standing store selling Japanese confections in front of the gate of Mishima Shrine, Togetsuen also runs a Japanese-style café. This café offers a rice porridge set for breakfast, Japanese-style afternoon tea service, and a variety of sweets and light meals

Onigiri Daruma.
This business sells onigiri balls of pearl barley with a chewy texture. There is a choice of 30 different types of fillings.
Enjoy a pleasant morning interlude while listening to the babbling of the Genbei River.

■Ono Coffee
This coffee shop has four sofas and a long table that seats eight. You can savor some leisurely moments here any time, from morning to night.

Furuya Sushi Onigiri
This shop selling only onigiri rice balls has been in business for about 60 years. The diverse assortment includes salmon onigiri, pickled plum onigiri, chirashi sushi, ohagi (rice balls smeared with sweet bean paste), oinari (vinegared balls wrapped in deep-fried bean curd), and dried mushroom onigiri.

hibitano coffee roastery
This shop serves coffee made with beans roasted on its premises and baked sweets. It opened in Hirokoji-cho, Mishima in June 2022.