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Top notch thrilling Activity at Mishima Sky Walk

Japan’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge, boasting a total length of 400 meters. Just like the 70m high suspended bridge, there are plenty of thrilling activities waiting for you when you cross the bridge.

Now, we will depart from Mishima Station.The landmark is the No. 5 line orange bus at Mishima Sta. South Exit.

Once you buy the ticket, lets cross the suspended bridge.

The view from the bridge is superb. You can see the tallest mountain in Japan, Mt. Fuji and the deepest bay in Japan, Suruga Bay. You can also see people using the long zip slide from the bridge. You can apply after crossing the bridge.

Long-Zip Slide(1,000 yen)
With a round trip length of 560m long. As there are 3 lines, you can slide together with your friends. It feels like flying, doesn’t it?

The Kocoro forest spreads after passing beyond the back of the long zip slide reception. There are plenty of activities here where you can enjoy the nature.

Cliff Challenger (1,000 yen/ 10 mins)
The climbing wall height is 10m. Beginners and experienced people can enjoy it.

Adventure Course(3,900yen)
You can give a challenge to various activities such as crossing from tree to tree.

Segway Guided Tour(4,900 yen/ 60 mins)
Run freely in the brisk nature of Hakone Seiroku. There are no worries as the guide will teach you how to ride it.

Go Go Buggy(4,500 yen/ 60 mins)
There will also be an instructor so even beginners can ride. You will enjoy driving in the forest.

Take a break if you get tired from all the activities There is a resting please near the north gate.

Furokku –Lucky Clock-
There are plenty cute animals like owls and hedgehogs. You can pet animals and take pictures with them.

E-BIKE trail tours ( 3,500/hour)
The E-BIKE will take you through a forest road to the bottom of a suspension bridge, which is not normally accessible. There is a 70-meter difference in elevation, but the powerful assist function of the electric mountain bike makes it easy to go up.

313 Sasahara Shinden, Mishima
Take the Tokai Bus Orange Shuttle “Moto-Hakone-Ko” from stand No. 5 at Mishima Station South and alight at “Mishima Skywalk” (journey takes approximately 25 minutes)
Open every day of the year
Adult: \1,100, Junior or senior high school student: \500, Elementary student: \200, Toddler or under free *Users must return across the bridge