Model Courses

This one-day course gives you time to get out and about across the city.

■9:15 Mishima Station South

Move on (15-minute bus journey)

■9:30 Izu Fruit Park

Enjoy picking your own seasonal fruit.

Move on (10-minute bus journey)

■11:40 Mishima Skywalk

Enjoy the gorgeous scenery from Japan’s longest pedestrian-only suspension bridge and then eat lunch at the bridge restaurant.

Move on (5-minute bus journey)

■13:40 Yamanaka Fort Ruins

Enjoy the scenery and historic ruins in this lush, green park.

Move on (40-minute bus journey)

■15:15 Mishima Taisha Shrine

Worship at Mishima Taisha Shrine.

Move on (5-minute walk)

■16:00 The House of Mishima Lunar Calendar Publisher

Create your own original Mishima Calendar here.

Move on (5-minute walk)

■17:00 Dinner (eel)

Lip-smacking delicious Mishima eel awaits.

Move on (10-minute walk)

■19:00 Mishima Station South

Buying a one-day bus pass "Mishimaru-Kippu" (unlimited ride in city limits) is good value.