Model Courses

This is a gentle three-hour strolling course.

■14:00 Mishima Station South

Move on (5-minute walk)

■14:05 Rakujuen Park

Stroll through the park enjoying nature, animals and history.

Move on (5-minute walk)

■14:45 SESERAGI (babbling shallows of Genbe River)

Walk on the stepping stones set in the river to enjoy the babbling shallows.

Move on (15-minute walk)

■15:15 Sano Art Museum

Enjoy the art and history in this art museum.

Move on (15-minute walk)

■16:00 Mishima Taisha Shrine

Worship at Mishima Taisha Shrine.

■16:30 Mishima Croquette

Snack on croquettes (fritters) freshly fried at this nearby shop.

Move on (10-minute walk)

■16:50 SESERAGI (babbling shallows of Sakura River/Shirataki Park)

Walk along the banks of Sakura River, as you make your way through Shirataki Park to head to the station.

Move on (5-minute walk)

■17:00 Mishima Station South